Inside The Lines: “Young boy walkin”

Illustration by Michael White.

This week’s “Inside the Lines” quotes “Timmy Turner”, the first single off of the rapper Desiigner’s  debut studio album “The Life of Desiigner”, that was released July 2016. In this song, Desiigner raps a story of Timmy Turner and his harsh and ghetto experience within the environment he lives in.



Tiimmy, Tiimmy, Tiimmy Turner

Young boy walkin’, wishin’ for a burner

Four, five, six, ten ratchets on ‘em

Ten niggas with them chains clappin’ on ‘em

Dead niggas with ‘em, dead niggas, get ‘em

Four-five’s with ‘em, four-five’s hit ‘em

You talk money, young niggas with ‘em

Young niggas get ‘em, ballooning, ballooning, ballooning

I fell in love with the Ruger I been in love with my jeweler

I been in love with the mula

Banana clips going through ya…

Desiigner – Timmy Turner



Artist from NEW YORK, I've dedicated my life to creating Art and letting my imagination lead me. Nothing is impossible, to be creative is to breathe beneath water.

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