Inside The Vision: “The Differences”

What makes a person rich?

Some say you’re rich if your financially wealthy, the root of all evil. Some believe you can be rich in the spirit, by the wisdom and knowledge you have from life, love of others. Riches can changed how others reenact towards the wealthy, can it also change the bearer?

Can someone be both rich financially and rich in the spirit?

Below is a short film by “the Gift of Life” that shows the difference between Rich and Poor, story of two mothers.

“It’s very heart touching story. this simple story tell us about the life difference of poor and rich peoples.
Rich people and their children have every thing but poor have noting no facilities no luxuries noting else but they are happy with their life and rich people are proudly.
Must watch this. -The Gift Of Life



Where do you fit in?




Artist from NEW YORK, I've dedicated my life to creating Art and letting my imagination lead me. Nothing is impossible, to be creative is to breathe beneath water.

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