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Joe Scarborough Licks Trump’s Balls For His Foreign Policy War with China

The redneck is back at it again. Not only does “Morning Joe” promotes the silence and complacency of Mika Brzezinski, an obvious attempt to silence liberalism and fact-based journalism in favor of corporate ratings and right-wing pandering, he is going against the fact that “a Trump presidency would be as bad for the world’s economy as Islamist militancy.” That’s a global forecast. That’s a fact. And China is laughing at Republicans for how far Trump’s dick has penetrated the conservative establishment.

In yet another free advertisement commercial, Trump called up the MSNBC’s Morning Joe to talk tough about his nonsensical trade war with China. He said he was going to implement his 45% trade tariff if “China don’t behave.” He’s basically yapping to a sovereign country like they’re misbehaving children. And Joe Blow Scarborough, in response to Trump’s lunacy, agreed and dismissed renowned economic professors and op-ed journalists like they’re infants.

It’s always been official: Joe Scarborough and Donald Trump are fuck buddies. They’re just inserting their positions more aggressively now. Just take a look at the exchange in the video below. Trump, for some reason, anticipated pushback from either Brzezinski or Scarborough, but the opposite happened. On live television, we saw reporters overtly give their approval for Trump. They acknowledged, with love, that the Republican establishment has fallen to their dirty knees for Trump.

“For all you economics professors and people writing op-eds and freighting and freaking out, he’s negotiating. This entire campaign, look what he did to the Republican Party. He battered them and abused them and they came whimpering to him like a beaten dog, begging him to please just pet him.”

Trump’s protectionism is simply war. Any balls-licking conservative should know that. Trump would clearly violate the rules of the World Trade Organization; the ramifications extend beyond China though. Writer and Economics professor Richard Katz expressed his fears of a Trump trade war in the The Wall Street Journal:

“First, U.S. law enables Mr. Trump to carry out his threats,”he said. “Second, while such steps would damage the U.S. economy, perhaps sending it into recession, that damage would be dwarfed by the havoc created among U.S. friends such as South Korea, Taiwan and Thailand.”

Trump can’t carry out his dictatorship without damaging the United States.

“It’s impossible to abruptly shrink imports from China and Mexico without damaging U.S. firms, reducing long-term growth and destroying jobs. American-based auto plants forced to pay more for steel, for example, would suddenly find themselves less able to compete with imports from Europe, Japan and Korea.”

In other words, not only is Donald Trump an established threat within the United States, he’s just as divisive abroad. He is literally a world headache. His condescension toward foreign countries reminds me of his misogyny toward women. Women voters will make up the bulk of US voters. But Donald Trump and Joe Scarborough are too busy fucking each other to acknowledge the ramifications of a Trump presidency. And that’s really fucked up.


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