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Key & Peele’s “Negrotown” is Horrifyingly Funny

Key & Peele just performed a horrifyingly hilarious musical number in the fantastical “Negrotown,” a place where “it’s always a cab when you need to get around,” “you won’t get followed when you try to shop,” and “you can wear your hoodie and not get shot.”

The lyrics are quite apropos to the historical racial microaggressions experienced by black American men and women, and certainly brings light to the rising black uprisings across the United States.

Jordan Peele’s character gives a sociology lesson to those unaware of the racial microaggressions, while Keegan-Michael Key’s character is extremely excited about how relevant the lyrics are and he keeps interrupting Jordan–it shows how desperate Key’s character wants “black utopia” to come into full fruition.

The teaser for their upcoming show premiers July 8th, in what looks like perhaps their most boldest and in-your-face comedy since Dave Chapelle’s “Chappelle Show.”


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