Kid Twist: Battle Rap vs. Literature

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We caught up with Kid Twist during our coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival. The first King of the Dot champion provided brilliant insight into the inherent competitive nature of Hip Hop, the “self-sufficient culture” surrounding Battle Rap, slam poetry vs battle rap, the break down of the inferiority complex in the Canadian Hip Hop scene, and why Hip Hop artists should venture into the literary world.

And when you’re all done consuming some of that delicious brain food, check out our past interview with another legendary battle rapper Dumbfoundead


“Today psychopathy reveals itself ever more clearly as a social epidemic and, more precisely, a socio-communicational one. If you want to survive you have to be competitive and if you want to be competitive you must be connected, receive and process continuously an immense and growing mass of data. This provokes a constant attentive stress, a reduction of the time available for affectivity. These two tendencies, inseparably linked, provoke an effect of devastation on the individual psyche: depression, panic, anxiety, the sense of solitude and existential misery. But these individual symptoms cannot be indefinitely isolated, as psychopathology has done up until now and as economic power wishes to do. It is not possible to say: “You are exhausted, go and take a vacation at Club Med, take a pill, make a cure, get the hell away from it all, recover in the psychiatric hospital, kill yourself.” - Franco 'Bifo' Berardi

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