Lauryn’s Miseducation

It seems like someone does this shit once a year. That scrutinizing yet fair piece that’s written after Lauryn Hill does something crazy. Next are the scores of adoring fans who’ll remember a single body of work from last century, take up arms, and defend her brand of insanity using her supposed shield of legendary status.

I  remember how I felt when The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill came out.  It was the dopest shit out and like everyone else, I loved it tremendously. It was a staple in Hip-Hop music and it provided a snapshot into urban womanhood that really hasn’t existed nearly two decades after its initial release. Truly, this was some groundbreaking, artistic shit for our culture. Furthermore, America agreed to the tune of 8 million copies sold and for a brief moment all was well in the world. However, the real problems started when she credited herself with ALL of the work performed on her masterpiece of a debut.


According to the liner notes on the album, that shit was written, produced, arranged, recorded, engineered, mixed, marketed, fucking catered, all exclusively by Lauryn Hill; on the solo-dolo tip. Naturally that didn’t sit too well with those who actually performed and collaborated on the records. So once all the accusations and subsequent suits started to fly, the classic status that this album was lauded to lost a bit of its credibility and overall good will.

Fast forward to 2016, almost three years removed from prison because of tax evasion, Lauryn is still resting comfortably on her laurels. For some reason there are still people refusing to hold her accountable for her over the top, diva type behavior. Showing up hours late to shows, refusing to release material, and crazy demands placed on those she deems beneath her. Realest shit ever, I’ve personally witnessed her tell someone not to make eye contact with her and to refer to her as “Ms. Hill”. This wasn’t some record label ass kisser, this was a genuine fan.  So when I hear shit like,  Lauryn Hill was 3 hours late, I’m not surprised. However, when I hear that fans are directly confronting her about it I know the tides turning for her and the game is about to change.

This all stems from a concert in Atlanta last friday night (5/6/16) where she, again, was hours late for a performance. A fan who waited the entire time decided to have a full on spat with her about it. All while she’s on stage greeting others who aren’t as angry, if not down right glad she even came at all. Get this, she ends up blaming the shit on her driver. It’d be different if this was some one-off, accidental, “life-happens” type of thing, but it’s not. This literally occurs all of the time. There are plenty of videos on youtube where she lambasts fans ironically about being respectful to her by not showing their disappointment, all while being hours off schedule. Disturbingly, theres always a contingency of concert goers in attendance who cheer her as she chastises understandably frustrated patrons. These are the ones who keep the bullshit alive, thus perpetuating this ridiculous behavior of hers. Again, I loved the album but there’s a snowballs chance in hell that I’m waiting 3 hours for any damn thing, let alone a performance of music from an album that came out damn near 20 years ago. Especially considering the black cloud that’s been following it since its release.


I’m completely clueless as to how we even let shit get this far. Questlove, from The Roots, has an idea and I agree 100 percent. On Saturday morning following the dust up,  he took to his facebook page in response to Lauryn’s most recent incident. He states;

“There is this glorious fantasy going on in our heads. It’s like a movie and you imagine folks cheering your name like the end of Purple Rain (“Lauryn!! Lauryn!! Lauryn!!!!!!!”) and movies make you feel like “that’s how life should be” (this should also apply to the “can I audition for you on the spot? And you just clap your hands and make me a star right quick?” crew: what you see on movies ain’t real. Entourage is not REAL)

So with this in mind you HAVE to think like a businessman in order to please the fan (the aforementioned alias celebs here call me “Suit” like Billy from Entourage as if “I’ve lost touch with the people”)


Every aspect from walk in music (Mike D told me to DJ before the shows to engage fans—boring walk in music makes em tired, DJ trine kill it could dwarf the show and steal the ounce of energy a standing on their feet audience has) to the pacing of the show has to be combed over.

4 hours on their feet is inconsiderate and uncalled for.

Now on the other side of the coin (and not wanting to put people’s business out there) this is prime psychological sabotage fear in motion. This is the embarrassment of that Newark 4 lawsuit. This is age fear talking loud and clear. This is resentment of having to now do this to survive (I mean we all “do it for the love”—but this is survival) the embarrassment of now being a one album legacy artist and the possibility of not mattering anymore in this disposable society. People will kill something before it grows.

This is prime example of that.”

Amen to that shit.

Either cut the crazy or leave that shit at home because there’s a new generation of kids who’ve either never heard The Miseducation Of, or didn’t live with it at all. They base whatever they feel about her on the legend we’ve passed down. As a result, they’ll be less likely to contribute to the myth of Ms. Hill. The statue of Hip-Hop’s superwoman has fallen some time ago, more than likely before many of these lil’ bastards were born.

Crazy can only exists when you contribute to it and I just can’t anymore. There’s only so much miseducation you can take before you realize you’re not only standing still, but moving backwards

It’s time to graduate bitches.


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