Brazilian Man Gets Surgery To Look Korean

A man from Brazil underwent numerous surgeries to get that Korean look. Honestly, that shit worked like a charm. The man, who declined disclosing his name, spent some time as an exchange student in South Korea and was inspired by the culture of cosmetic surgery there and wanted to “look more Korean”. He even wears dark colored contacts to mask his naturally blue eyes. Check down below for more pictures.


We Spoke to Activist Blog ‘Blogueiras Negras’ About Brazil’s Controversial series ‘Sexo e as Negas’

Not too long ago, we covered Brazil’s controversial series Sexo e as Negas (translation: Sex and the Niggas) which has sparked outrage among people of color in Brazil. The show, supposedly an adaptation of Sex and the City, has received lots of criticism due to it’s racist title and hyper-sexual depictions of Black women. Among those in the forefront…


It’s Africa’s Time Now: Top 5 Nigerian Male Music Artists You Should Know

We can no longer deny the popularity of Nigeria’s literary, film and musical output–the love and admiration spans throughout the African continent, and the cross-cultural exportation of its industries have created a loyal following in many countries, including the US. This isn’t in a particular order and it’s certainly not a definitive ranking list–but, we’ve compiled a top five list of relevant…


Tooji Starts Battles LGBT Respectability Politics, Islamic Homophobia and Sexuality on Mainstream TV

In his acclaimed self-help book Finding Meaning in the Second Half of Life: How To Finally, Really Grow Up, Jungian analyst James Hollis wrote a troubling and yet valid emotional dialogue on the cold war between religion and sexuality: “So often spirituality, like the false self, is fear-driven, which is not to be judged, but…

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