It’s Africa’s Time Now: Top 5 Nigerian Male Music Artists You Should Know

We can no longer deny the popularity of Nigeria’s literary, film and musical output–the love and admiration spans throughout the African continent, and the cross-cultural exportation of its industries have created a loyal following in many countries, including the US. This isn’t in a particular order and it’s certainly not a definitive ranking list–but, we’ve compiled a top five list of relevant…

Celebrate Father’s Day with “Rap Dads”

Fatherhood can be challenging, but even more so rewarding, for any quality dad in this world. It can be even more difficult for fathers who balance a career with as much potential instability as music has with being an awesome dad. But somehow, many proud poppas manage to do just that, striking a delicate balance between pursuing their passions…

Voss’ “Insatiable” Release Show Video Recap

Our own staff member Voss (or as we know him, Mike Voss) played one of the most important shows of his music career last month, celebrating the release of his debut album Insatiable at Underground Arts in Philadelphia. We’ve already covered the show with words and pictures, but now a gorgeous, roughly 10 minute recap…


Young Paris, a French-African New Yorker, is Part of An African Music and Art Wave Spanning the Globe

It isn’t enough to simply refer to Young Paris as an African-Electro performer and producer, who wears makeup from his Bantu tradition. He’s an African visionary–an artist with Congolese ancestry, shaping and molding Hip Hop, house, electronic and the West African aesthetic into one remarkable vessel. There is a bit of Fela Kuti in him, too. He’s also part of…

The OogeeWoogee Cypher

If you’re not familiar with a “cypher”, it’s a gathering of emcees rapping in a group, one after the other, displaying their respective skills. Pretty simple. For example, some of the most notable cyphers take place every year during the BET Hip-Hop Awards, featuring huge names like Eminem, Busta Rhymes, DMX and many more. We may not have…


Rap Music’s Forbidden Fruit: White Emcees & the ‘N-Word’

The N-word. It’s easily the most infamous phrase that’s often substituted with saying the letter it begins with, followed by “word”. More so than any piece of profanity, from ‘fuck’ to ‘cunt’, in the lexicon of the English language. Its history is well-documented, as it’s been completely flipped 180 degrees from a viciously degrading insult towards an…

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