Make America What Again ?

It seems like ever since the emergence of the orange hued, tiny handed one (I’m tired of speaking his name), I’ve been bombarded with copious amounts of phrases for bigotry. As a black male, I’ve come to deal with such things frequently. Shit like minority, thug, urban, or any other euphemism for nigger; you name it, I’ve heard them all and had to deal with it. Sad to say, but it’s pretty much normal to me now. However, there is one phrase in particular that sticks out as prominently as a sore thumb and thats:

“Make America Great Again”


Wait what? What does that mean? Also, what era of gloriousness and triumphance are we extrapolating here?

Maybe it’s a rally call to take this country back to the wondrous days of the original genocide of indigenous peoples by european germs and guns. Lord knows our country’s greatness knew no bounds. Maybe the the time where manifest destiny made the country’s topography a blind snatch and grab acre after murderously pillaged acre; who can’t smell the success in that? Perhaps it’s a reference to the time the US  took part in the triangular trans-atlantic slave trade to bring millions of africans to American soil for free labor that lasted a quarter of a millinia. Then again, maybe it’s a throwback to the times of Jim Crow, who’s to say. Hell, maybe it’s not even coded at all.

Its truly a slogan that raises more questions than remotely possible answers. Which brings me to Krystal Lake (no really, that’s her name), a like minded, 22 year old New York resident who wore a hat  to work recently that boldly states:

“America Was Never Great”

In-fucking- deed.

A recent Bernie Sanders supporter (surprise, surprise), Lake wore the cap during her morning shift at a Staten Island Home Depot. New York overall is a pretty diverse place politically and in overal make-up,  so statements made like this occur all of the time, especially in fashion. Even Lake admitted that the hat didn’t cause a disturbance at work during her entire spell, as other employees had previously worn pro-Orange Man (swear I’m not saying his name) buttons. On the contrary, things were drastically different for her once a picture of her wearing the hat hit the inter webs; holy shit, get the ships back to Africa ready.


As you can imagine, this got all of those deliverance, the devil went down to Georgia, dueling banjo ass rednecks pretty upset. In the week in a half since she wore the statement piece, she’s recieved a litny of unwanted attention from flag wavers, including the obvious racist  rants and the unnecessary “I’ll kill you” or “I hope you die” variety of death threat.

Some say she’s just returning the serve that Trump supporters have dished since his orangness’ arrival on the presidential campaign. How is trolling the ultimate troll a negative thing?

I mean, whats good for the goose is good for the gander right? Even President Clinton said America wasn’t always great for everyone, he got booed for it, but the shit had to be said, even though he invoked the same slogan in 1992.

In an interview with the Staten Island Advance, Lake went on to say;

“The point of the that was to say America needs changing and improvement, I don’t think it’s a positive message to say, Let’s look to the past…I know there are a lot of opportunities here…I just wish we would worry about making America better — not ‘great again.’”


I think we can all agree that her sentiments are a little more logical overall. I mean, to improve something is all good in most normal circumstances, but being great is relative. Especially considering this nations distinguished “greatness” when dealing with non whites since its bloody inception.

Since Ms. Lake works at Home Depot, let’s use overall home improvement as a metaphor for the USA.

More emphasis should be based on making developments to renovate the crumbling infrastructure and foundation to the home that is our country. It’s always been a bit of a fixer upper but we have to acknowledge and understand that moving forward. Some of us have to remove the attachment to this place that was bequeathed. It’s always been home but the shit ain’t been the best. So we’ve got to be the ones who aren’t afraid of sprucing things up a bit.  Maybe some new paint, or mow the lawn a little more often; shit plant a garden because every little bit helps.

That’s why this election is critical. This is when we find out who will be who’ll do the renovations to our home. Here’s the scariest part of that; we might end up with a scumbag real estate developer who’ll snatch the deed from under us and tear this whole shit down. Then he’ll either sell the property for a quick flip or rebuild some monstrosity atop it and conspicuously display the name “Trump”(damn it).

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