Mic Stew & Reef the Lost Cauze – “Kill ‘Em All” Music Video

Philadelphia MC Mic Stew has laid relatively low for a while now, working on his next album and doing his share of ghostwriting. But the 26-year-old spitter has now remerged with a simple little banger of a track called “Kill ‘Em All”, produced by longtime collaborator SAMlive and featuring Philly hip-hop legend Reef the Lost Cauze.

SAMlive’s thumping beat only lets up temporarily with a break between the two emcees’ verses, where a hook would be if this was a song that gave a shit about pop sensibilities; make no mistakes, this is unfiltered hip-hop. The content is nothing revolutionary: typical rap braggadocio. But it’s delivered well, with Stew’s barrage of flow switching and multi-syllabic rhyming, and Reef’s consistent punchlines and trademark gruff delivery carrying it through. It was a smart move to keep “Kill ‘Em All” short and sweet (well, maybe not ‘sweet’, since there’s nothing sweet about the 215) at two minutes, as it leaves the listener satisfied without dragging out the rappity raps for too long.

The video, directed by Derrick Woodyard, matches the tone of the track well, with a simple, gritty clip that doesn’t try to do too much because it doesn’t have to. Reef was a smart feature choice, as he’s always fared well over this type of production; plus his straightforward “1-2 punch” approach provides a good foil to Stew’s more flow-centric, word-bending style. We only hope that what comes next from Mic Stew shows us more of what he can rap about, besides rap. But this is damn sure a tasty little appetizer before the main course.

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