Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal Played with Traditional Japanese Instruments

Michael Jackson was and forever will be special. His talent and charisma knew no limits of language, culture, or color. No matter what corner of the globe you landed on, when Michael Jackson was in town, somebody was fainting.

Even though Michael died six years ago (which still seems surreal) his legacy remains relevant as ever and Yoshimi Tsujimoto is helping to keep his art alive with her rendition of one of his classics, “Smooth Criminal“.

Yoshimi trades in Michael’s white suit and fedora for a traditional Japanese gown and instead of doing a 45% lean in a choreographed dance routine, she plays the shakuhachi, which is a Japanese bamboo flute. She is backed up by two koto players. This version of one of Michael Jackson’s hits is impressive to say the least and it’s amazing to see how music like this can cross time and culture without missing a step.


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