Nas’ New Clothing Line Inspired By…Ghostbusters?

If you had to guess which well-known rapper would get involved with the Ghostbusters franchise, it’s not very likely that Nas would come to mind. His serious, “hood prophet” aura doesn’t exactly mesh with the extremely goofy characters we’ve seen in those movies and cartoons, from Slimer to the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. But, in a refreshingly surprising move, Mr. Nasir Jones’ HSTRY clothing will indeed be collaborating with Ghostbusters for their new upcoming line.

In the preview video above, Nas is shown modeling new pieces from the line, all inspired by the famous franchise, with T shirts and snapbacks dripping “slime”. The ad even goes as far as to include a replica of the famous Ghostbusters car and features Nas in a full-on Ghostbusters suit, complete with his own proton pack. Who knew this collaboration was coming, let alone that it would be so dope? Check it out above.


Not Their News.

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