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“Nothing Too Hard, Mika.” Stay Silent for Trump.

MSNBC is no longer the liberal alternative to Fox News. It is not the lauded platform for progressive viewpoints anymore because it has allowed redneck Joe Scarborough to infiltrate their network with right wing propaganda.

And through one show alone, “Morning Joe,” it promotes the silence and complacency of Mika Brzezinski, which is also a silencing of liberalism in favor of corporate ratings and right-wing pandering.

This is not a conspiracy. It’s MSNBC’s protocol: Whenever Mika Brzezinski, daughter of political scientist and geostrategist Zbigniew Brzezinski, expresses her liberal views, Joe Scarborough absolutely destroys her. It’s a veiled way of saying “bitch, know your place.” She’ll never get her own show because she’s the liberal contrast to Scarborough, which works in MSNBC’s ratings favor.

Viewers have seen the fuckery at work; they’ve noticed the mainstream indoctrination that has kidnapped the network for quite some time. Scarborough is the trojan horse galloping all over motherfuckers at the executive office, which is why media studies have shown that MSNBC mentions Donald Trump’s name more than any other network in the world.

Gary Legum, along with many other journalist, have documented the change:

“In truth, the label of “liberal news network” has always struck me as a bit precocious when applied to MSNBC. This is the channel on which Joe Scarborough, a former Republican congressman who spent much of the late 1990s chasing Bill Clinton’s libido as it ambled along Pennsylvania Avenue, has hosted a three-hour morning show for the last nine years (and had hosted an evening show, “Scarborough Country,” for four years before that). This is the network that let Pat Buchanan pollute its airwaves for a decade, only letting him go near the end of President Obama’s first term. This is the network that fired Phil Donahue over his outspoken opposition to the Iraq War.”

But wait: it gets better.

Joe Scarborough, the same man with the dead intern found in his office, admitted last year that he was the only conservative on MSNBC who is also advocating to get more of his kind on the network. But a leaked audio validated all of our suspicions; it showed the inner-workings of being a smile-in-your-face media whore, one that is deliberately supporting Donald Trump, not challenging his presidential run.

Donald Trump has his dick so far up Joe’s ass, and who woulda thought, but the ratings simply can’t get any higher. Mika Brzezinski knows it, but there is nothing her subservient self can do about it but hold on for the ride, as the demagogue Trump serenades them off camera. They’re more than in bed with Trump, they’re lying there in tangled sheets, one under each of his orangutan arms, enjoying a nice post coital cigarette. And it’s plain for everyone to see.

Comedian and voice actor Harry Shearer published a leaked audio of the bedmates sweet talking each other behind the scenes, right before an MSNBC segment:

Mika: “Do you wanna do some deportation questions”
Trump: “Nothing too hard, Mika”
Mika: “Ok!”

Since when is that a part of journalism? Since when do we ask people the questions that they want to get asked, so they can cherry-pick their answers and cater their questions to subjects that will only make them look good? When we start doing that, that’s when we have to throw the term “media” right out the window. Because when you let the politicians tell you what they are going to say, or what the narrative is going to be from your purported news network, the entire thing shifts from a “report” to “propaganda.”

Sure, Mika fluffing Trump’s balls might be the best way for her to have a comfortable, conflict-free day, but since when is that what we look for in our reporters? They are not “rapporters”, there to build a chummy relationship with the person that might be the next man to run the free world. They are “reporters”,  who are supposedly there to REPORT THE STORY. If the story is about some “deportation questions”, then so be it. Do that story. If the real story is that he doesn’t want to talk about deportation, then report that. But don’t let the subject decide and Jesus, don’t do it so overtly.

Or as Brendan Gauthier more politely noted:

“But Mika and Joe don’t appear to answer to MSNBC’s partisan leanings. And, according to a CNN Money report, it’s becoming “a source of frustration” for some NBC executives who find the co-hosts’ Trump idolatry not only off-brand but “over the top” and “unseemly.””

In the video below, Joe also insinuated that the network is gradually adding “diversity” to the network. But the colors he’s talking about adding certainly aren’t black, brown or yellow. He’s talking about adding a little more red to the blue at MSNBC. That would mean less opposition from the left, but Scarborough shouldn’t worry: he’s not getting any from Mika anyway.


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