Payback’s coming with “The Birth of a Nation” trailer

You know the old saying: payback’s a bitch.

Nat’s coming…

In the future film, “The Bitch of a Nation”, written, produced, directed by, and starring Nate Parker, the story of Nat Turner, a seminal figure in black folklore, is finally being told. Those of us who share a common hue have heard tales of Turner in the highest regards, yet no one has taken up the responsibility and sheer risk to tell the full story, let alone depict it on a screen of any size. The movie, which cleverly takes back power from D.W Griffith’s 1915 controversial epic of the same name, follows the life of Turner, a slave and baptist preacher who led a bloody insurrection in 1935 that killed 60 whites and consequently had roughly 200 blacks killed in retaliation .


The film was all the rave at last years Sundance Film Festival. The consistent chatter caused movie studio Fox Searchlight to offer Parker a record 17.5 million dollar deal for distribution rights. The Birth of a Nation will hit theaters nation wide on October 7th, which happens to be mere weeks before our next presidential election.

Coincidence ? Methinks not.

Parker insists he wants to reclaim the narrative of American racism and I’m all for it. No we won’t just forget about it. No we wont let shit go, as this is a true part of our history as a country.

“If we are to really see the progress that our ancestors have been fighting for for generations … if we’re ready to see this country realized for the ideas that were set in place… We have to be honest about who we were and who we are.” – Nate Parker

I’ve been privileged enough to know a few people who saw the movie for scoring purposes and from what’s been told me is it’s as jarring as it needs to be, while still being uplifting.

I. for one, cannot WAIT to see this shit.



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