“Philly is Baltimore” video shows revolutionary unity

“The system is not broken, it was built this way”

In the wake of the Ferguson DOJ report and the Baltimore Uprising, a national movement is pushing for an entirely new system to combat the historical, systemic issues that continue to plague the poor and people of color.

Complacency will no longer be tolerated nor will Americans allow the corporate media to frame the narrative by using language to shape black perceptions.

Philly Coalition for REAL Justice” successfully coordinated the Philly is Baltimore protest which took the streets of Philadelphia. It was in solidarity with Baltimore, as the city continues to grapple with the murder of Freddy Gray.

The protest represented the entire racial makeup of the United States—Whites, Asians, Hispanics….anyone with a conscious, anyone who realizes the awakening happening around the world and the issues disproportionately affecting black Americans supported and joined the Philly is Baltimore march.

These were just some of the grievances and list of demands expressed at the rally:

Police Brutality, social inequality, economic solutions, proper community policing, support for black-owned businesses and enterprise, mass incarceration, school-to-prison pipeline, private prisons,  1.5 million missing black men, black female unity… the list went on and continues to build.

As it got closer to the evening, a small scuffle occurred near the Vine Street Expressway (I-676) with protesters and police officers (some on horseback) as some protesters aimed toward the highway.

That was perhaps the only controversial moment, which obviously garnered national media attention. Aside from that, however, the protest was peaceful with no property damage. Property damage–that which can be replaced; however, does not equate to lives lost.And if these list of demands continue to be ignored or legislated against, property damage will be the least of America’s worries.

“I talked about this throughout my campaign: There are barriers of distrust within the community and law enforcement, and we’ve got to find ways to bring down these barriers,” she told the magazine. “It’s never been more evident than now, right? It’s the political climate all across the country.” -Marilyn Mosby

Watch the video about to see the revolutionary unity taking place.

_59A6110Photo Credit: Wilkine Brutus (OogeeWoogee)
Main Photo: Wilkine Brutus (OogeeWoogee)


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