Pretty Ass Drinks w/ Cain Kerner | Episode 1 | “The Grain Exchange”

The premise of “Pretty Ass Drinks” is simple.
I grew up consuming poor-quality swill from a young age. When my friends and I were like 14, we often relied on getting oldheads (OGs/random older dudes) to buy us alcohol when we desired some. Ignorant to “the good shit” and having a limited budget, I grew up getting turnt off that bullshit. And when I say bullshit, trust me, I mean bullshit.
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Being that I’m freshly 21 years of age, the legal drinking age in The United States, “Pretty Ass Drinks” is the opportunity for me to refine my palate, showcase some of the prettiest and most “effective” drinks that various establishments have to offer, and immerse myself into the world of quality beverages. Or, alcoholism. Hopefully the first one.

This episode of Pretty Ass Drinks takes our host Cain Kerner and his guest, Oogeewoogee’s own and reigning KOTD battle-rap champion Rone to the Germantown area of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to visit a quant little spot called “The Grain Exchange”.
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After backing my truck into one of those fancy electronic trashcans, adding another “dimple” to my already weathered vehicle, we entered the establishment and made a bee-line for the bar. Mary recommended we order the “Muy Bueno”, a tequila and cucumber based drink, and the “Spring Whiskey Sour”, a bourbon and chamomile based drink.

Watch the video to gain insight into the rest of our review, and stay tuned for more Pretty Ass Drinks.

Rone’s Rating: The Muy Bueno – 6.2 / Spring Whiskey Sour – 6.8.
Cain’s Rating: The Muy Bueno – 9 / Spring Whiskey Sour – 7.
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