Remember When Lil Wayne Dropped a Rock Album That Was Better Than The Beatles?

Lil Wayne is the walrus. John Lennon was full of shit. Weezy’s dreadlocks rock ten times harder than all of The Beatle’s hair combined, even after factoring in each member’s most-likely unholy pubic regions (re: the importance of showering daily). Did The Beatles ever put out a Rap album? No. Wu-Tang x The Beatles mash-ups unfortunately don’t count. But Lil Wayne did dabble in the uncharted regions of rock ‘n roll in 2010, when he picked up the axe and recorded Rebirth on some Eddie Van Halen-type shit. This effectively dispelled all of the rumors that Lil Wayne couldn’t actually play the guitar. Everyone who doubted him is now begging for forgiveness while his guitar gently weeps.

Regardless of how ridiculous the majority of the songs on this album are I admire how adamant Lil Wayne has been for longer than anyone else about not staying in his lane. Like, I see no conceivable point here where the slightest suggestion of a fuck being given could’ve occurred, and that’s beautiful.

I can think of a lot of rock albums off the top of the dome that suck more than this one. Phish sucks more than this, and that’s not just an opinion: it’s a fact (look it up). Besides, what other rapper do you know that can play an entire guitar solo with their teeth? John Lennon couldn’t play with his teeth. John Lennon is dead.

Lil Wayne is not dead—at least not in the commonly understood sense. Rock ‘n Roll will never die unless Lil Wayne decides it’s time.

In the mean time, you can find him posted in his yellow submarine—making it rain underwater—while you guppies hate on this Rock ‘n Roll legend from the outside looking in.

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'Remember When Lil Wayne Dropped a Rock Album That Was Better Than The Beatles?' have 2 comments

  1. July 7, 2015 @ 12:26 pm swagtho1111111

    Lil Wayne is totally the walrus. The author of this article is a true visionary #preach


  2. October 1, 2015 @ 2:13 am not important

    Your article is based on your own perceptions of the walrus. Fact is, he can’t play guitar like he wants you to believe. Watch him play. Then listen. It doesn’t even match up. Sure he’s famous and climbed the ladder of of the industry and that’s credible on its own right. But comparing lil wayne to the Beatles? No. You skewed the numbers in your own favor. He may have sold more albums over whatever x is in your hypothetical, but more people have access to music faster and easier now. It’s not the same game it was 50 years ago. Your intentional misuse of facts is not unnoticed, nor will it change anything. You’re poser not understanding the meaning of music or its roots or what it means to express through that median.
    Ps. The beatles suck


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