Restaurant ‘Locol’ Has Opened in Watts and is Quickly Changing How We Look at “Fast Food”

Almost a year ago, Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson announced their plans of doing something that seemed a little different from their Michelin star restaurants and hipster chic foodie destinations. But after a year of growth, Watts’ Locol has a more familiar vibe than one might have expected, as the low cost doesn’t equate to low quality.


Both Choi and Patterson are known for taking food and flavors beyond face value. And this time, they brought their culinary know-how to a community that usually gets tricked instead of treated.

Locol is a passion project that aimed to bring tasty, healthy, real food to real communities that deserve and need it. And they’ll sell the food at a price point that competes with the major fast food chains and at the same time they’ll employ within the neighborhood boosting that neighborhoods economy. An ambitious endeavor in every sense of the term, Locol opened it’s doors to the public this past week.


One of the first times I ever sat down with Roy, the concept of what Locol would become to be was pie in the sky. He wasn’t sure what the bridge would be or how it would be built, but he knew he had to connect real food to real people. He had already done so already, with his Kogi trucks, but he wanted to take it a step further and empower neighborhoods that didn’t know they had the power to eat well and were not being cared for otherwise.

Locol is a major step in the right direction of putting attention where attention is needed.


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