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#RIPAMY: Our Fetish With Violence

There’s a saying that goes, “Everybody loves seeing a car crash until it’s 1st person” – and this here is an example of the thought process shared by many of our youth today. Amy Inita Joyner, a 16-year-old girl, was murdered at Howard High-School of Technology in Wilmington, Delaware. And social media, as usual, captured the storyline.

The fight that led to Amy’s death was over a boy whose name has yet to be released, but whose instagram I found through hers. Two female students are currently in custody, and multiple witnesses have been brought in to provide their account. Students have been vocal on Twitter and Instagram, claiming that up to 5 girls were involved in the jumping murder of Amy.
#RIPAMY 4 The attack commenced shortly after the first bell of the day as students were heading to class, most likely to be able to carry out the attack with little to no intervention. What various news sources have told us, so far, is young Amy lost consciousness upon “hitting her head” on one of the sinks, only to be pronounced dead 30 minutes later. According to students that witnessed the attack, nobody intervened -because they were filming the attack on their cell-phones.

It pains me to denounce the “generation” I am a part of, but somebody has to do it and I guess it’s going to be me:

Y’all motherfuckers that played witness couldn’t put down your phones for one minute of the day? You wanted to get an alternate angle? You wanted to post it to Worldstar? You wanted to have this shit on your Snapchat story? Y’all had to idly stand by rubber-necking to get a better view? Or.. were y’all too cowardly or self-centered to step in and break up what turned out to be a fatal altercation?

(Included in the collage below is an alleged screenshot from the phone of an onlooker.)
#RIPAMY 6We need to stop the violence, man. On top of that, we need to stop PROMOTING violence by filming shit and idly standing by. In the wake of this tragedy, I am brought to a quote that has remained relevant since it’s utterance…

“Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.”
Martin Luther King, Jr.

Regardless of whether or not Amy was “talking-to” or messing around with one of the other girls’ boyfriend, it provided absolutely no reason to jump her. Why the hell are we fighting and dying over frivolous bullshit?

If an altercation was the only solution to the problem at hand, what happened to a “fair-one”? Y’all had to jump the girl? Were all the girls involved in the murder of Amy that dude’s girlfriend? I don’t think so.

This shit can be chalked up to that weak-minded mob mentality plaguing our youth. To the black youth reading this – y’all gotta play the game smarter, man. This can and will be used against you by major news publications, which will only reinforce the negative stereotypes about blackness.

This isn’t a good look. This country is full of ignorant, hateful, racist people who are fueled by fear – and this, sadly, will only contribute to that. It will be viewed by racist Americans as yet another classic case of “black-on-black crime,” when it’s really just a senseless act of human aggression.
#AMY collage 2The lack of intervention, maybe, stemmed from fear– but I doubt it. With the influx of violence on camera, the resulting effect is a “not me, not my problem” mindset– which gets us nowhere.

I’ve seen private pages spamming the comment section of Amy’s Instagram, claiming to have footage of the fight in exchange for a follow. Some claim to have footage available by clicking the link in their bio, only to have the link lead to a song of theirs on Soundcloud. We have to, at all cost, eliminate this underbelly of youth culture– the lack of guidance is showing at an alarming rate, and this is a prime example of the misdirection that follows.

To my fellow youth, I urgently advise you to do what ever necessary to keep on the higher path. With so much access to any and all things at our fingertips it is entirely up to us what our mental diet consists of. Disregard the bullshit, and respect yourself enough to ingest content of substance.

The act of filming violence is a direct link to the lack of value we as a society place on human life, our own included. I speak for each member of OogeeWoogee when I say that what we are here to provide is a contrast to the bullshit flooding the scene. In life we’re ultimately left with two directions to go about each and every action we do, and those directions are enlightenment or discouragement.

OogeeWoogee is here to enlighten.

In the wake of tragedies such as this, mothers and fathers begin to fearfully question the environments they’re sending their children into each morning. Regretfully for the parents of young Amy Inita Joyner, last Thursday was the day that every parent fears, and the last they’d have to spend with her.


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  1. April 25, 2016 @ 4:50 pm Kingbirdy777

    Message to the new man…manners maketh man…god guides man…woman is mans greatest evil…and good..we will be one when we can apply and truly define the way of harmony


  2. April 25, 2016 @ 5:12 pm Beautiful SeeAsia

    You’re dope Cain and I thank you for pouring out the “Lemonade” on the heads of animals who have absolutely no attempt at managing their tempers. Beyonce visual album perpetuating bad behavior when hurt (ego driven) is a right on time ritual for this barbaric activity happening when our VERY YOUNG partners are in a NATURAL act of conquering and sowing his wild oats. Why ain’t nobody teaching these bitches SCIENCE?


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