Stop Me If You’ve Heard This Before

Last night at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, former model and current trophy wife Melania Trump gave a speech that we’ve all heard before; literally. Over the course of her 17-minute oration, Mrs. Trump “coincidentally” used pieces from a Michelle Obama speech in 2008 almost word for word.

Let’s be clear, Mrs. Obama’s discourse wasn’t plagiarized in its entirety, as Melania spent most of the time speaking about herself, her history and how she ended up where she is. She spouted the typical political blanket terms like “American values” (wait, where’s she from again?) and pandered to her husband’s voting base who just happen to be the most radical, divisive, and backward thinkers in some time. That was what she was supposed to do. Furthermore, I’d be a fool if I thought for a second that she indeed wrote the speech herself. However, if your staffers intended to steal elements from a previous good speech, you would think it’d be from a Republican.


the internet wins again


It seems quite odd that a representative from a delegation whose sole purpose has been to remove themselves from anything with the name Obama on it would find themselves in such a predicament. What’s even more odd is no one who considers themselves a Republican seems to see any issue or discrepancy. New Jersey governor and on again-off again supporter, Chris Christie, happens to share that notion:

“I just don’t see it…If we’re talking about 7% of a speech, that was really, universally considered to be a good performance by Melania. I know her. There’s no way that Melania Trump was plagiarizing Michelle Obama’s speech.”

Really ?

Similarly, Republican campaign chairman Paul Manafort also shares the inclination that Melania didn’t “crib” the first lady’s words:

“To think that she would do something like that knowing how scrutinized her speech was going to be last night is just really absurd…There’s no cribbing of Michelle Obama’s speech. These were common words and values. She cares about her family…To think that she’d be cribbing Michelle Obama’s words is crazy.”

You can read the striking similarities for yourself.

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Again, it must be known that Melania didn’t write the speech by herself, but she did read it, and as the wife of the presumptive republican nominee for the Presidency, this shit places her square in the target of Trump opposers. Sources for the Trump campaign say that no one on its staff will be fired for the mistake and subsequent cluster fuck that followed the next morning.

It’s a bit sad quite honestly. Every step the Trump campaign takes forward results in three steps backwards. That might be what the country is up for if we don’t get our shit together.

Four years moving in reverse.

If words don’t move you then maybe video will. Here’s a final side by side of the controversial portion of last’s ripoff.


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