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Kanye Thinks The Fashion World Discriminates Against Straight Men? Here Are 10 Insanely Rich Designers To Prove Otherwise

Yesterday, Kanye made waves saying that he was discriminated upon by the fashion industry for being straight. The comments most likely stemmed from Kanye’s frustration at his perceived lack of respect within the fashion world. And with many cases where people buy into conspiracies against them, they want to believe that there is a system…

Forget About the SAE Racist Bus Chant Already? Forget it For the Right Reasons

A few weeks ago, you could not turn on your TV or scroll through your newsfeed without seeing reports of the University of Oklahoma’s chapter of Sigma Alpha Epsilon singing their racist chant. Now? We’ve moved on to the next hot issue or whatever the news wants to push as the hot issue but let’s not…

‘Pussy Power’ Unapologetically Empowers All Women with “I AM NOT”

It’s starting to drizzle outside as I turn the corner of 11th and Callowhill and enter into one of Philadelphia’s coveted artist-run spaces, Vox Populi. I worry about how the weather might effect tonight’s event, but upon entering the space I realize that a few rain drops definitely won’t be a problem because the energy…


Asian Guys Aren’t Cool Enough for TV

When news broke that Nickelodeon would be producing a musical sitcom centered around teens in a K-Pop inspired band, the initial reaction was relatively positive and optimistic. Asian-American representation has been making leaps and bounds in modern media with the help of Steven Yeun of The Walking Dead and Eddie Huang of Fresh Off the Boat, just to name a…

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