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#SerNegroEsHermoso Campaign Sparks Pride and Acceptance Among Afro-Colombians

Riding the bus through the sunny streets of Cartagena, Colombia the other day, my eyes were quickly drawn to a striking image of a dark-skinned Afro-Colombian woman against an all-black backdrop with the hashtag #SerNegroEsHermoso (to be Black is beautiful) written at the bottom. The billboard poster was both striking and intriguing, and as soon…

Exploring Afro-Latino Identity at the Afro-Latino Festival

[Click on Podcast Above; scroll down for photo gallery]Main image: Mario Carrión In this episode of OogeeCast, we provide a recap of the brilliant 3rd edition of the Afro-Latino festival in New York City. The annual festival is committed to affirm, educate, and celebrate Afrolatinidad. And you’re probably wondering why an Afro-latino festival needs to exist. As with…

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