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The Black Prom Experience

Yesterday, while having a conversation with a coworker, who just happens to be white, we somehow found ourselves viewing a video of a black prom sendoff. If that sounds like a specific sub-genre, then good; it totally is. After 5 minutes of a synchronized dance routine to a Beyoncé song by two completely different kids, who…


The WNBA Shuffle

This is quite interesting. I had an epiphany last night while watching what turned out to be a great game 3 of the NBA Finals between The Cleveland Cavaliers and the defending champs, the Golden State warriors. During a commercial break, almost before the end of the first half of play, an advertisement came on–and all I…


Criminals For Hire

We all know or at least have heard about the problems that plague the “inner city negro”. From sunrise to sunset, news seekers get on-site correspondence across various media about the plight of poor folks. Those unprivileged, unfortunate bastards who live on or beneath the margins and the pits they attempt to exist in, including drugs, crime,…

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