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Fact: Bill O’Reilly Chokes Women When He’s Under Pressure

“Every great story seems to begin with a snake” -Nicolas Cage Bill O’Reilly, the Christian “traditionalist,” has profited millions off his propagandist outlet; his righteous pedestal was manufactured as a self-serving means to cast fierce, brutal judgment on everyone else except himself. How White-Godly of him: A man that placed so much emphasis on moral politics throughout…


An Open Letter to Geraldo, Bill O’Reilly, Morning Joe, and Those who Blame Hiphop

To Geraldo Rivera, Bill O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough, and anybody else who blames Hiphop for America’s ills: Where are your pitchforks aimed at Ryan Giroux‘s iPod? Where are the panels discussing Adam Lanza‘s affinity for khakis and how they fit the profile of a mass murderer? I have yet to see James Holmes‘ record collection brought in as…


“Fuck Bill O’Reilly,” The School Principal Said

Slouched in his hardwood rocker chair in working-class Long Island, the contoured seat slipping down, a 65-year-old man (a die-hard traditionalist and registered “Independent”), glares contentiously at the “No Spin Zone” on Fox News until an epiphany catches his balance, “you know what, fuck Bill O’Reilly,” he shouts at the flat screen, slamming his brown ale on the side table. “Fuck him.” For over a decade,…

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