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Science in Hip Hop? GZA and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson Explore the Similarities

“Not only do the elements interest me, but also physics, as this underlying force that controls and regulates the universe.” -GZA Hip Hop, like all other grand human creations, is finally cementing itself into the interdisciplinary conversation. It behooved higher institutions like Cornell University to join the fight to archive and legitimize the culture. We can no longer deny the science behind the lyricism, musicality, fashion, and…

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NOLA Hip-Hop and Bounce Archive Joins Institutions like Cornell University in the Fight to Legitimizing Hip Hop

“We are archiving a living tradition,” explains PhD student Holly Hobbs, founder of the NOLA Hip-Hop and Bounce Archive which intends to highlight the importance of treating rap as tradition in New Orleans as one of its aims. “We find that very important. Looking back in history, nobody was archiving jazz or rock ‘n’ roll…

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