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Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal Played with Traditional Japanese Instruments

Michael Jackson was and forever will be special. His talent and charisma knew no limits of language, culture, or color. No matter what corner of the globe you landed on, when Michael Jackson was in town, somebody was fainting. Even though Michael died six years ago (which still seems surreal) his legacy remains relevant as…


6 Questions with Ladies of the 6ix

We continue our coverage of the Toronto International Film Festival by interviewing “Ladies of the 6ix,” a few young Canadian professionals navigating Toronto’s diverse cultural environment: Abeer, Natasha, Yolanda, and Sharob. We explored the differences between American and Canadian social perceptions, the mental process of race and nationality, Toronto slang, regional differences, dating, and the…

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Zendaya Takes On Cultural Appropriation

Cultural appropriation is nothing new. We’re hit with it left and right, and sometimes the appropriators can somehow get away with it. But, more recently they’ve been getting called out for their antics, e.g., Kylie Jenner, Katy Perry, and of course Rachel Dolezal).  Photo Cred: Theroot.com Well, the triple threat (and member of the fan-made black PowerPuff…

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