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Our “Views” Review, Finally

As damn near anyone with an internet connection knows, Drake’s long-awaited 4th studio album Views finally dropped at the end of last month. If You’re Reading This, It’s Too Late came out early last year, but that was considered a “retail mixtape”, whatever that means. Views is Aubrey Graham’s first official LP since 2013’s excellent Nothing Was The Same….

More Rappers We Want To See Diss Trump

Pittsburgh-born rapper Mac Miller had a breakout hit in 2011 with a banger entitled “Donald Trump”; you’ve probably heard it. It’s a fun little ditty about the traditional rapper come up, with Mac aspiring to “take over the world on when I’m on my Donald Trump shit” by going from rags to riches (just without…

“Hotline Bling” Covered Dylan Style on Jimmy Fallon

The reach of hip-hop music and culture has transcended to yet another level, after the legendary Bob Dylan covered Drake’s smash hit “Hotline Bling” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. OK, SPOILER ALERT: it was actually Fallon himself doing a dead-on impression with a killer band backing him up. Even the hugest Dylan fan has…

On the Second Floor of Tootsie’s with the Creator of Drake Night

If I’m gonna interview Mad Decent-affiliated DJ Dirty South Joe about So Far Gone, the Drake-themed party he helps organize every month in Philly, I’m gonna interview him on the 2nd floor of Tootsie’s; yes, the one Drizzy references in his “Back To Back” track. Unfortunately, no shoulder rubs went down for either of us,…

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