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#CharlesBarkley Vs. Twitter

Everybody is entitled to their opinion, and nowhere is the evidence clearer for that than the Twitterverse. However, Charles Barkley has a larger, more visible, platform than 140 characters, and he chose to speak his “mind” about the sensitive issue of Mike Brown, Darren Wilson, and Ferguson. The topic is already uber polarizing and the…

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Looting is Not Rioting

As a publication and a source of editorial journalism, it feels irresponsible to talk about anything other than Michael Brown and what’s going on in Ferguson today. You’ve read the headlines by now and you’ve come to your conclusions. I’m trying to be as open minded to other people’s opinions as I hope they would…


@KilledByCops is Making Sure We Don’t Forget Victims of Police Brutality

With so much news coverage and protests in response to the killing of Michael Brown, it can be easy to forget the cases of police brutality that happen on a regular but don’t get highlighted. This week Color of Change launched their eye-opening Killed By Cops project to help prevent this from happening. The non-profit organization advocates on behalf…

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