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Media Can’t Define US: Featuring Chris Hayes & Ta-Nehisi Coates

[Click Above for Video] The common man and woman often provides, willingly and unwillingly, an undying series of stories for the mainstream, corporate owned news media. The media then tries to shape our narrative for their benefit by choosing which stories to highlight, and persuade our beliefs and behaviors— all in the name of selling this news product back to us….

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Fact: Bill O’Reilly Chokes Women When He’s Under Pressure

“Every great story seems to begin with a snake” -Nicolas Cage Bill O’Reilly, the Christian “traditionalist,” has profited millions off his propagandist outlet; his righteous pedestal was manufactured as a self-serving means to cast fierce, brutal judgment on everyone else except himself. How White-Godly of him: A man that placed so much emphasis on moral politics throughout…


“Fuck Bill O’Reilly,” The School Principal Said

Slouched in his hardwood rocker chair in working-class Long Island, the contoured seat slipping down, a 65-year-old man (a die-hard traditionalist and registered “Independent”), glares contentiously at the “No Spin Zone” on Fox News until an epiphany catches his balance, “you know what, fuck Bill O’Reilly,” he shouts at the flat screen, slamming his brown ale on the side table. “Fuck him.” For over a decade,…

Hip Hop vs Racism: Geraldo Rivera’s Fallacy

When we use Hip Hop culture as a scapegoat for structural inequality and systemic racism, we imply–rather dangerously– that the negative elements of mainstream, commodified rap music’s correlation is in fact the causation for any and every moral and infrastructural decay in the Black American “community.” It’s as though the American history of racial inequality wouldn’t create residual…


#‎FoxNewsFacts‬ & Propaganda: How it Undermines Our Humanity

#FoxNewsFacts trended on Twitter for two days because the propaganda on a recent news segment was so blatantly malicious and disrespectful that people, all over the world, began to channel their inner Charlie Hebdo and demolish the news organization with brilliant satire. Steven Emerson, during a fear-mongering interview on Fox News, erroneously claimed that the cities within Britain, specifically Birmingham of…


Why Joe Scarborough Belongs Over At Fox News

MSNBC’s Joe Scarborough has been called everything from a “token Conservative” to a “pathetic troll” to a “fake-ass liberal”. Why? Because people don’t really know what he is due to the fact that the Mississippi-born, red neck rep’n’, former Republican politician parades around on his show Morning Joe spewing liberal opinions that he clearly does not stand by. Case…

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