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Colin Tilley captured “Alright,” Kendrick Lamar’s Hope Inspired Message

“I remember you was conflicted, misusing your influence. Sometimes I did the same. Abusing my power–full of resentment, resentment that turned into a deep depression” Film director Colin Tilley transformed Kendrick Lamar’s hit song “Alright” into a cinematic experience.  The brilliant collaboration between the two can’t go unnoticed, despite Fox News and Geraldo Rivera trying to…


An Open Letter to Geraldo, Bill O’Reilly, Morning Joe, and Those who Blame Hiphop

To Geraldo Rivera, Bill O’Reilly, Joe Scarborough, and anybody else who blames Hiphop for America’s ills: Where are your pitchforks aimed at Ryan Giroux‘s iPod? Where are the panels discussing Adam Lanza‘s affinity for khakis and how they fit the profile of a mass murderer? I have yet to see James Holmes‘ record collection brought in as…

Hip Hop vs Racism: Geraldo Rivera’s Fallacy

When we use Hip Hop culture as a scapegoat for structural inequality and systemic racism, we imply–rather dangerously– that the negative elements of mainstream, commodified rap music’s correlation is in fact the causation for any and every moral and infrastructural decay in the Black American “community.” It’s as though the American history of racial inequality wouldn’t create residual…


Geraldo Rivera Argues that Hip Hop is More Damaging Than Racism, Fails Miserably

Geraldo Rivera is known for making controversial statements: In the wake of Trayvon Martin’s death, in 2012, Rivera blamed his death on the hoodie Martin was wearing, and who can forget the major flack he received for saying that the best thing a woman can bring to a marriage is her youth.  That’s just two examples of among many…

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