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Inside the Lines: “I’m Twisted, Black-Listed By Some Other Negroes”

Illustration by Michael White. Words by Mike Voss. This week’s “Inside the Lines” quotes “Fu-Gee-La”, a certified gold single by classic New Jersey hip-hop trio The Fugees; specifically a verse by the star of the crew (and only female), Ms. Lauryn Hill. Released more than two decades ago, in December 1995, the track was one of…


Inside the Lines: “My plaid past, my solid future..”

Illustration by Michael White. Words by Cain Kerner. This week’s Inside The Lines pulls from the Gorillaz single “DoYaThing” released on February 23rd, 2012. Featuring production and vocals from James Murphy of LCD Soundsystem and André 3000 of Outkast, the record is the product of Converse and Cornerstone’s “Three Artists. One song.” campaign. Originally intended…

We Turned Ariell R. Johnson into a Life-Sized Superhero: Super Human #1

The summer of 2016 is near, and it’s filled with high expectations for the tremendous amount of superhero films gracing the national and international screens. But, while we’re fawning over their super power abilities, are we ignoring the Super Humans that exist among us mere mortals? Yes. It’s time we acknowledge the amazing work that…

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