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Old Young Men

When a professional athlete reaches the age of 30, he’s considered over the hill, old news, past his prime. As a matter of fact, once a player approaches 28, more than likely an imaginary clock begins to count down, each day signaling an athletes impending demise. That’s got to be quite the mind fuck for a…

ray rice thinking

Ray Rice Considers Suing the NFL

Ray Rice ain’t letting his career go without a fight (no pun intended). The former Baltimore Ravens Running Back is considering legal action against the NFL for his indefinite suspension. The Baltimore Sun reports that he and his wife are looking at claiming what is known as double jeopardy – the prosecution of a person twice for…


Top Ten Ray Rice Memes

Memes are an important part of modern internet culture. It’s safe to say that if you use the internet you have encountered a meme or two (a day). Everything that happens in life usually warrants a meme, especially when it involves celebrities/athletes/politicians so I’m sure no one was surprised about all the Ray Rice memes….

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