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Monkey Business

Just for starters, yes I know. Harambe was not a monkey, he was a gorilla. Which technically classifies him as an ape but I needed something to get you here. Be that as it may, it’s been extremely difficult to avoid the coverage from Saturdays incident that ended with him dead after a child climbed into a gorilla…


Roots 2.0

So, last night while channel surfing, I found my self stuck on something I swore to Black Jesus I wouldn’t watch. Let’s start from the beginning. Over the last few weeks, thru radio, TV, and the internet I’ve noticed numerous ads for the rebooted show Roots, based off of Alex Haley’s epic novel in 1976…


Criminals For Hire

We all know or at least have heard about the problems that plague the “inner city negro”. From sunrise to sunset, news seekers get on-site correspondence across various media about the plight of poor folks. Those unprivileged, unfortunate bastards who live on or beneath the margins and the pits they attempt to exist in, including drugs, crime,…

familly floor 1a

#BlackLivesMatter: Mob or a Movement?

Art work credited to Michael White *This is part of a series showing undying support to the Movement for Black Lives, which consist of various activist groups & organizations, such as Black Lives Matter, actively fighting for black liberation and social mobility. We give thanks to Dream Defenders, Race Forward, Black Youth Project 100, Blackbird, Million Hoodies, OBS: the Organization for Black Struggle, Ferguson Action,…

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