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College Protests & the Solidarity Movement: UPenn

[click video above] Special Thanks to: Kassidi Jones, Jeff Baker, Brittany Nicole Alston, Roshumba Llewellyn, Calvary, Kenja, Ida, and Sam. “This is what democracy looks like!” We went to the University of Pennsylvania to interview a few graduate and undergraduate students of color about systemic racial issues that are occurring on their campus and nationwide. It’s the…

Bree newsome

Bree Newsome: America’s New Superwoman

Bree Newsome, the filmmaker and civil rights activist, demonstrated civil disobedience for our “civil” society when she (with the help of James Tyson) yanked down the Confederate flag, which sat despicably high in front of the South Carolina capitol building. Just a day after President Barack Obama sang “Amazing Grace” during Rev. Clementa Pinckney funeral at the Emanuel…

Rue from ‘Hunger Games’ Just Schooled Everybody on Cultural Appropriation

Remember Rue from Hunger Games? She’s 16 now, and for a high school history class Rue Amandla Stenberg created a video called “Don’t Cash Crop My Cornrows”, where she explains what exactly cultural appropriation is, how it’s enforced, and why it’s so detrimental. It’s a topic that’s often discussed but rarely this eloquently and even more…


We Spoke to Activist Blog ‘Blogueiras Negras’ About Brazil’s Controversial series ‘Sexo e as Negas’

Not too long ago, we covered Brazil’s controversial series Sexo e as Negas (translation: Sex and the Niggas) which has sparked outrage among people of color in Brazil. The show, supposedly an adaptation of Sex and the City, has received lots of criticism due to it’s racist title and hyper-sexual depictions of Black women. Among those in the forefront…

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