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Criminals For Hire

We all know or at least have heard about the problems that plague the “inner city negro”. From sunrise to sunset, news seekers get on-site correspondence across various media about the plight of poor folks. Those unprivileged, unfortunate bastards who live on or beneath the margins and the pits they attempt to exist in, including drugs, crime,…


Lauryn’s Miseducation

It seems like someone does this shit once a year. That scrutinizing yet fair piece that’s written after Lauryn Hill does something crazy. Next are the scores of adoring fans who’ll remember a single body of work from last century, take up arms, and defend her brand of insanity using her supposed shield of legendary status….

DFD x EPTM Will Debut a Capsule Collection Inspired by the True American Story

Above you can see the video lookbook for the collaborative capsule collection between rapper/actor/and now style guy Dumbfoundead and LA streetwear brand EPTM. DFD goes on the say about the collection: Growing up, I remember sitting in the living room with my mom as she folded up laundry, patiently waiting through the last bit of…


Restaurant ‘Locol’ Has Opened in Watts and is Quickly Changing How We Look at “Fast Food”

Almost a year ago, Chefs Roy Choi and Daniel Patterson announced their plans of doing something that seemed a little different from their Michelin star restaurants and hipster chic foodie destinations. But after a year of growth, Watts’ Locol has a more familiar vibe than one might have expected, as the low cost doesn’t equate…

flint water 2g

Flint to Beijing: The Bottom Line is Causing World Health to Bottom Out

Michigan Governor, Rick Snyder, has now apologized for his gross mis-handling of the water contamination crisis in Flint, one of the poorest cities in the United States. There is absolutely no justification for this lack of care when it comes to something as important and inarguably necessary as clean water, and Snyder’s reasoning of saving a few bucks…

Snootie Wild Shares His Experience Performing in Seoul, South Korea

Snootie Wild made his way to the Asian metropolitan city of Seoul, South Korea to perform his ever growing catalogue of hits at Club Lux, located in the Hongdae district. The “Yayo” rapper has transitioned from “that guy with a song on the radio” to a certified international superstar with flocks of fans reciting the…

Dumbfoundead Mixes Korean and English Rap on New Track ‘Mijangwon 미장원’

The Los Angeles rapper borrows the talents of fellow Koreatown residents Loopy and Nafla and navigate the language barrier between English and Korean with the vehicle of great fucking music. Loopy and Nafla are relatively new the scene but are quickly rising up that ladder and becoming more visible due to their tenacity and raw…

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