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Erika Totten Tells Us Why She Took Over the Stage at the #MarchOnWashington

I knew early on that something was off with last Saturday’s #MarchOnWashington. The whole premise of Al Sharpton’s National Action Network led “march” seemed way too safe. From “Black Lives Matter” to “All Lives Matter” and from “Justice for Mike Brown” to “Justice for All”. This was supposed to be a National Day of Resistance, but…

Media Pioneer Patty Jackson Keeps it Real About Black Radio

We recently caught up with Patty Jackson of WDAS 105.3—a major public figure from the East Coast and a household name when it comes to black radio. She has been on the air for 20+ years and has brought us so much knowledge through her extensive interviews and community outreach. In her career, she has spoken with many…

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