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A Look Back at Afro-Latino Identity

The Afro-Latino festival in New York City, its 4th edition, is almost here (July 8th-10th). Let’s take a look back at our recap of the brilliant 3rd edition. The annual festival is committed to affirm, educate, and celebrate Afrolatinidad. This is part 1 of our 3-part video series highlighting the social relevancy of Afro-Latinos. In…

A Fan’s Eye View: Roots Picnic

She had a hard time pronouncing my name. “It’s Wilkine Brutus,” I told her. We’re at the Roots festival right now, lavishing in vitamin D, perusing through an eclectic community of music lovers and dancing, like an endless spiritual ceremony. We were complete strangers. But it didn’t matter. Music is the world’s oldest religion and…

The Rise of Multicultural Millennials: My Speech at Twitter HQ

Media-savvy millennials are increasingly the designers and the designed. Their identities are just as fluid as the content they consume. They’ve become interculturally connected through multiple platforms; it’s a big, fragmented family constantly embracing and challenging their shared values. And everyone, from consumers to content producers, is still trying to understand the content flow. Consistent storytelling just may be the answer…


In part 2 of our 2-part interview series, David Castro dives into the fashion market, social media’s influence on his fashion, the ideal fashion city, and the deeper meaning behind his premium brand. See Part 1 Here: There is no room for risk aversion in fashion, but there is certainly space for it in business….

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