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For A Dark Skin Girl, A Poem by Jaylene Clark Owens

“But clearly you are not qualified to talk to me about any standards of beauty when you boldly place me into this substandard aesthetic category” -Jaylene Clark Owens You can’t discuss institutional racism without examining the effects of colorism. Dark skinned women, in particular, face a rough uphill battle against society’s skewed beauty standards. And…

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Korea’s First Plus-Size Model Responds to the “Korea’s Unrealistic Beauty Standard” Article

“Behind every glance is a judgment” –John Berger, Ways of Seeing Comments on one’s figure is often, quite subtly, a customary greeting between friends in Korea, even towards foreign men. I recall, during my time in Busan, when an old ahjussi (elder man) at the Shinsegae sauna (shower area) sparked a conversation with me by commenting…

Girl Talk: The $200 Dollar Date

The recurring Black Twitter discussion about ‘$200 dates’ is the hot topic at hand for the first episode of “Girl Talk.” Sharon A. Bryant and Jade Alexa gave their insights on whether a $200 dollar date would ever fly for today’s millennials. Does the dating effort count or should we revoke the #Effortcoins? Want to join the debate?…

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