#ThankYouNYPD Might Have Been a Bad Idea, Guys

In the wake of NYPD officer Daniel Pantaleo getting away with choking unarmed citizen Eric Garner to death, the NYPD has decided to celebrate by holding  their own pro-cop rally at City Hall on next Friday, December 19th. Not sure what they’re going for here, as there has been an evident amount of racial unrest all around the world since this decision has been announced. But go ahead NYPD: do you.


Unfortunately the NYPD has decided to spearhead this initiative with the hashtag #ThankYouNYPD, which has subsequently blown up in their faces:


  Meanwhile, positive #ThankYouNYPD mentions be like:

Seems like the NYPD is a glutton for punishment. Remember the epic fail that was #myNYPD?

All I’m going to say to this is: if you plan on attending the Pro NYPD Rally next week, stay safe.


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