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The KKK Was Originally Started By Democrats

Politics have been a driving force of evil since the dawn of man. A separation of beliefs created multiple political parties that people align themselves with. The two most prominent parties in the US are Republicans and Democrats. Republicans are often looked at as being racist, stone-aged barbarians, but not long ago the Democrats were the racist ones.

In 1865 The Ku Klux Klan (KKK) was started by 6 confederate soldiers from the Democratic party in an attempt to capitalize on the reconstruction era of the United States. Originally labeled a secret vigilante group, the KKK targeted white Republicans and black citizens to restore white supremacy. The federal government passed the force act in 1874 as a means to prosecute Klan violence. This destroyed the KKK but spawned two Democratic paramilitary organizations that were much more violent, The Redshirts, and the White League. Both organizations were defined as “American paramilitary groups aiming to run republicans out of office, and stopping freed black men from voting”.

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The White League called themselves “The Military Wing Of The Democratic Party”. In 1876 the White League dissolved into members of the National Guard, and various state militias. The Redshirts were similar to the White League, but lasted into the early 1900s. They wore red shirts so that southern Republicans would recognize and fear them. Their goal was to “intimidate non-Democratic voters”, as the first African Americans voted into office were Republicans.


In 1868 Oscar J. Dunn became the LT. Governor of Louisiana and the first black delegate of the Republican party. Martin Luther King and Colin Powell are both historical black republicans. Now-a-days the KKK is a lot less selective of who they let in and are primarily a Republican organization and even selectively allows black members. There are still Democratic members, actually a whole segment of the KKK backed President Obama during his campaign. Racism is a weird and fickle monster.


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