The Love Outside of “Made In America” Festival

We love tailgate parties because there is almost an equal amount of enjoyment watching people prepare for a particular experience. The joy, anxiety, and even fear is mixed in the air, forming the same, constant energy.

We also work up all of our senses when we people watch; it’s an idle moment self-reflection. And as festival-goers lined up for the annual Made In America festival, we captured the spirit of music, dance, and multiculturalism just outside the festival gates.

It’s clear by our video and pictures that women definitely outnumbered men. Let’s just call it the Beyonce effect.

Girls 15

Asian 1

white friends 8


girls 18


girls 10

girls 8

black couple

reading book

OogeeWoogee pamphlet

Mike OogeeWoogee

Wilkine and Daniel Ruiz

radio guys

white friends 2

Men walking

girls 22

white friends 3

white friends 4

girls 7

girls 6

girls 4

asian friends

girls 11

Asians 2

black friends

girls 9


girls 16

girls 17

girls 12

White friends 7

white friends 5

white and indian friend

white couple

girls 21

girls 20

girls 19

girls 14


made in america banner

Hispanic AmericansPicture Credit: Wilkine Brutus and Michael White


Not Their News.

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