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The Man Who Got Lost in a Reality Show and Took America with Him

American politics, with its violent rallies and media spin, is the greatest circus show in the world. Its authoritarian carnival barker and redneck emperor, Donald Trump, has turned it into his very own Rome-inspired reality show. The fall of America, however, will be determined by the way a dying white middle class interprets their own manufactured fears. It reads like the fall of the Western Roman Empire 2.0.

According to these particular Americans, these “patriots,” it’s already happening, and only an anti-Republican establishment white savior can free them from their own Dante’s inferno. Donald Trump, like most reckless demagogues in the Republican party, wants men and women to be solely dependent on him; he brands himself as the ultimate white nationalist savior, an emperor with a Nazi aesthetic, from a crumbling country that is browning in front of his eyes. But like all reckless, conniving dictators, there is always a slip up.

Donald Trump left a task sheet, a sloppy checklist at his filthy podium after a recent violent rally. We have the exclusive details from his plan of action, a 13-point manifesto to use destruction of others as a tool to uplift white racist pride:

“Make America Great Again” by following these top 13 authoritarian steps: 

1. Promote violence at your rallies against non-white Americans to create a physical cultural war. Check

2. Respect and lavish praise from Vladimir Putin Check
3. Praise a quote from Benito Mussolini Check
4. Agree with the communist Chinese government by calling Tiananmen Square protest a ‘riot‘ Check
5. Connect all Mexican immigrant to crime. “They’re rapists.” Check
6. Don’t completely disavow the KKK. White nationalists support you. Check
7. Advocate war crimes by murdering family members Check
8. Ignore all civility; use deflection and distraction by talking about your penis size at a presidential debate Check
9. Promote universal hate toward Muslims Check
10. Blast Black Lives Matter movement, mentally and physically. Check
11. Continuously throw sexual innuendoes toward your own daughter in public. That’ll teach them to stop “political correctness” Check
12. Make the likes of Chris Christie abandon all political hope and ride your Nazi train. Check
Donald Trump Nazi womanTrump rally in Chicago 

13. Recruit Ben Carson, Omarosa, black pastors, and any black individual that is hired by Fox News to spew their Uncle Ruckas type of hate towards black Americans and others. Check

Bonus: Make your entire presidential campaign just like a Honey Boo Boo episode. Make it void of substance, proper English and class. Check

And when you open Pandora’s box, as you’ve already done, make sure to constantly appeal to their irrational fears of a non-white takeover to explain poor white mortality rates and a “government takeover.”

My supporters will never Check me or themselves anyway:

The Geography of Trumpism

Screen Shot 2016-03-12 at 9.59.28 AM

Illustration by Michael White.


As long as history was marked historical, anthropologists and archaeologists found relics and proof of Richard D. Balls existence. For the last several decades governments from around the world (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Australia, United States, New Zealand, the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, etc.) have been trying to track Mr. Ball’s whereabouts, for reasons unknown.

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