The Redskins Are Always Out Of Bounds For Mike Carey

Donald Sterling isn’t the only racially insensitive entity in sports by a long shot. I mean, the Cleveland Indians mascot is a damn caricature of a Native American with a feather head dress. I hope for the day when our children will think we were crazy for this like we look back at black face and cringe. This includes Washington’s football team being labeled as the Redskins which is a derogatory name for Native Americans if you didn’t already know.

Some stand by the name (usually Washington fans that keep a sense of nostalgia with the name and don’t want to let that go) and insist that Native Americans aren’t offended and whatever other reason they can come up with to justify ignorance. But they are offended. And so are people within the NFL infrastructure.

Mike Carey is one of those people. Mike was an NFL referee from 1995 and retired in 2008 and was a damn good at his job. He’s won awards as well holds the title as the first black referee to officiate a Super Bowl.

It recently came to light that Carey was a man of great character as much as he was a man of great judgement.

Mike Carey never ref’d a Washington Redskins home game, away game, or even a preseason game, ever since the 2006 season. He made a special request to whoever assigned the games to keep him off Washington’s games and they complied. Carey never made a huge fuss about it or wanted to be in the spotlight for it but he was standing up for beliefs he strongly believed in.

He saw the Redskins name as disrespectful and didn’t want to be on the field and associate with such disrespect. Carey never wanted recognition for this. In fact, he wanted to keep it low and it took this long for it to really come out and I commend that.

The league has been talking about changing the name for decades and honestly I think it’s stupid that it’s taking this long. I think it’s an obviously insulting name and I applaud Mike for standing up for equality for all and not his own agenda.


Acting accordingly, just not according to you.

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