The Spill They’re Not Talking About…Again

Here we go again.

Shell, and Big Oil, have caused another huge mess and due to the full on Donald Trumpathon and media blitz surrounding the Presidency, no one is talking about it. On May 13th, an oil spill on Royal Dutch Shell’s offshore Brutus platform caused the release of 90,000 gallons of crude oil into the already heavily polluted Gulf of Mexico.

The spill, which was first spotted by a Shell helicopter, caused a 2 by 13 mile sheen across the waterway. Shell reps said they attribute the incident to faults in a line connecting the Brutus platform to underground oil wells some 97 miles away near Louisiana.



The good news, if thats what you want to call it, is that the spill didn’t reach any shorlines so consequently no fisheries were closed as Shell ships and aircrafts helped to clean the affected top layer of water by skimming.

“Skimming continued today using infrared technology with support from aerial resources. Joint efforts have recovered approximately 1,826 barrels, over 76,600 gallons, of oily-water mixture. On-water recovery efforts are ongoing. Shell has mobilized equipment to begin repairs.” – Shell Representatives

The Bad news is; well, everything else.

The United States federal government have attempted to respond appropriately to Big Oil in the wake of 2010’s catastrophic Deepwater Horizon explosion, which resulted in 11 deaths, thousands of oily ass animals, and a devistated ecosystem. After releasing over 3 million gallons of crude into the Gulf, it’s credited with being the largest man made oil spill in history. Furthermore according to data on the subject, there’s been an oil spill EVERY YEAR since 1988. How in the fuck is that cool ? Vikki Wyatt, a Greenpeace campaigner agrees;

“The last thing the Gulf of Mexico needs is another oil spill…The oil and gas industry’s business-as-usual mentality devastates communities, the environment, and our climate. Make no mistake, the more fossil fuel infrastructure we have, the more spills and leaks we’ll see. It’s past time to keep it in the ground for good” – Vicky Wyatt, Greenpeace

She also adds that the most likely to be hit hardest by the damage are the economically impovershed residents of coastal communities and Native Americans, though that should come as no surprise.

President Obama, the cool motherfucker that he is, has tried along with his administration to create measures to assist in preventing spills altogether, as well as instituting regulations, safe guards, and back up contingencies in case things go inevitably wrong.

That don’t guarantee the homies safe skrimps or fish to eat though, and that’s been the case for the past 6 years.

The lack of coverage this incident has received feels all bad; downright eerie. I would assume more attention would be payed to it considering it’s in the same exact place as the Deepwater Horizon incident. So, either they don’t know, don’t show, or they don’t give a fuck about whats happening in the Gulf. My question is why? Why wouldn’t this be of the utmost importance, even during a heightened election season?


Why bother trying to decide between the lesser of two evils? What’s the point of rocking the vote if the world’s on a collision course with its own imminent death that we, for some reason, continue to accelerate. Haven’t we seen this movie before? This is the premise for an entire fucking genre. First the fish die, then the birds, then the mammals are next.

Get ready, because this might be the story we tell our grandchildren about when the beginning of the end was.

First we spilled a shit ton of oil into the world’s oceans accidentally. Then we elected the Orange Man on purpose.




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