The Stylish Lifestyle of AfroPunk

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“AFROPUNK is a mindset… it’s not a musical genre. We exist to be a part of what is 360 degrees of blackness” -Matthew Morgan, Co-founder of Afropunk

Mainstream media and the dominant American culture, with their one-dimensional story angles, can no longer box the diverse lived experiences of black people (African diaspora) into a shadowy corner.

And for 10 years, AfroPunk has proven that the other Black experience deserves a place of recognition in our social milieu.

Boundary-pushing trendsetters converged in Commodore Barry Park in Brooklyn, New York this weekend for the annual AFROPUNK Fest, a two-day music/art/activism event that features the unbridled joy of counterculture.

Self-validation. Self-expression. Festival supporters are still satisfied with this Afropunk community that unapologetically places an emphasis on nonconformity. People were comfortable with their differences; rebellion isn’t some teenage fad, rebellion is used to preserve the ultimate freedom of expression.

“Traditionally, marketers take a very monolithic approach when addressing us. They think black people only listen to hip-hop or only buy a certain type of clothing. But that is not how the real world works.” -Jocelyn Cooper (co-founder of Afropunk, during an interview with Fast Company)

Afropunk was created out of necessity—other festivals were lacking black representation, so creators Matthew Morgan and Jocelyn Cooper simply filled that empty black void.

AfroPunk is a montage of everything: multiracial and multiethnic people, from all sexual and gender orientations, rockin’ their latest street fashion, exploring the African aesthetic, hip-hop, house, electronic, metal, hardcore…

The ultimate respect to exist is the only rule at Afropunk:

We enjoyed the eclectic line-up of artists this year, but OogeeWoogee was very much interested in the lived experiences of the concert-goers; they wore their stories on their sleeves, and we captured it.

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Article by Wilkine Brutus


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