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“The Wrath Of Cain” Podcast | Episode Three w/ Scarlet Estelle

Simply put, “The Wrath Of Cain” is an outlet for me to talk shit on the microphone and have you all hear it. With topics ranging from current world affairs to what happened this week while I was out with whoever, it’s approximately an hour of me ranting with my guest(s) and voicing my opinion.

My guest for today is a personal friend of mine and certified hustler, Scarlet Estelle.

In the podcast we speak on everything from the alligator that snatched that kid up in Florida, our top five sophomore albums, the inequality and overall fuck shit that women are subjected to in the music industry, and what can strengthen and weaken a local music scene.

If this sounds appealing, listen in and feel “The Wrath Of Cain”.


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