Trump’s Out of Money?…Again

So, the guy who says his estimated net worth is upwards of $10 billion dollars and who’s also on the precipice of being the Republican party presidential nominee is going broke?


Well, yes and no.

Over the past week, The Donald has been shooting down multiple reports over growing concerns about his depleting presidential campaign funds. Apparently, an electoral uncovering showed that he only managed to raise $3 million in contributions during the month of May. They also stipulated that he only had $1 million left in his reserve by the end of the month. For basis of comparison, presumptive Democratic nominee Hilary Clinton was able to raise $26 million and ended off the month with a hearty $42 million.

That’s a hell of a difference gap. Actually, it’s the worst disadvantage in finances ever in modern presidential politics. So why wouldn’t Trump just take those baby hands of his and reach as far as he can into those deep pockets and fund his own shit?

As a matter of fact, he has.

According to to his filings with the Office of Government Ethics, Trump has cash and other liquid assets worth anywhere from $60 to $180 million dollars. Those close to Trump say there’s no issues and that he’s simply running a more concise, “leaner” campaign. However, the same filings just a year prior had Trump’s assets at $80-$230 million. This means he’s actually been trying his damnedest to fund his own campaign already, to the tune of $35 million.

Yet for some reason Donald Trump’s campaign alerted Senate Republicans that he might not have enough money to fight off political attacks from Hillary’s camp in the coming weeks and months. Nevertheless, it seems that even when times are their darkest, Trump finds a way to spin himself into some light.

While continuing to challenge a notion we somehow all know is true, the Trump campaign reached out to donors for the second straight week for financial support. In a mass email signed by Eric Trump, son of The Donald, the campaign calls on constituents to meet Trump’s goal of raising a cool $10 million. In an attempt to rally their base, Eric Trump wrote:

“Hillary Clinton’s campaign machine and her liberal media allies are desperate….First, they claimed we raised too little. Then, when donors like you helped us to raise $11 million in just a few days, they claimed we were lying.”

In no way is this the first, second, or third time Trump was supposedly about to find  himself out on his ass. Who doesn’t remember the overpriced blunder that was Trump Steaks or the Orbitz-esque Here’s a side note: neither one of those lasted a full year. How about the 3 year experiment that was Trump Airlines? Do you recall  Trump Vodka or the ridiculous family board game with his face on it? What about the bankrupted catastrophe that used to be the Trump Plaza Casino & Hotel? That shit is a total ghost town now.

It seems he failed over and over, yet somehow landed on his feet like a cat on it’s ninth life. Bankruptcy after bankruptcy, somehow this guy is still here. It’s those same factors that forced him to rebrand himself into the guy we saw on NBC’s The Apprentice. He’s become such a caricature of himself that he doesn’t even really need money to advertise his brand of fuckery; he literally gets it every time he speaks.

So even if he doesn’t have the paper to fight the Hillary Clinton machine, it probably won’t end up mattering at all. See, he has what’s known as earned media, a.k.a free media.

“To be honest, it’s worked for him so far…When you get $2 billion of free earned media, it’s not a bad strategy. I think if it was a traditional campaign it would be a horrible strategy. You saw what happened to Romney in 2012 getting defined early. But Trump’s already so well defined it may not be a bad strategy for him.”

– Unnamed source close to the Trump campaign

To put it simply, due to him being such a dick in the public eye, Trump hasn’t needed to spend money on television because news outlets willingly give it to him.

Want to hear the best part? Sure you do.

Although he stopped funding his own campaign last month, he’s been mixing his private venture money and his campaign donations for the entire presidential race, to the tune of $11 million. In some strange and seemingly illegal twist of fate, Trumps found a way to pay himself. According to recent fiscal reports, Trump linked businesses account for 17% of all campaign expenses to date. Although he’s told his donors that he has “absolutely no intention of paying myself back”, reports show he’s been doing just that.

So far he’s paid $4.6 million to TAG Air to use his own private jets. Also, $420,000 to his private club in Florida where he throws many campaign related events. Then there’s the $577,000 that he claims for payroll and rent at Trump Tower, which also oddly enough doubles as his campaign headquarters. Not to mention the $4.7 million paid to Ace Specialties, which supplies his own online store.

So what’s really going on here? Does Trump need money or not?

I’m reminded of the old colloquialism “believe half of what you see, and none of what you hear”. I’ve been told the truth normally lies somewhere.

I do know that when it comes to this particular orange motherfucker, you can’t trust a thing.


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