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Truuu: 5 Reasons that 2Chainz Should Run for Mayor

“I’m supposed to be running for mayor in College Park,” 2Chainz told XXL magazine. “I got everybody wishing. I’m really gonna do this little mayor thing in College Park. I’m just trying to make sure I have the right qualifications.”

You read correctly. 2Chainz (FKA Tity Boi) would like to run for Mayor in the near future and, as someone who wouldn’t even really consider herself an avid 2Chainz fan, I’m totally with it. You may not think that someone who has the audacity to record the line “My wrist deserve a shout out, ‘I’m like what up wrist?’ My stove deserve a shout out, ‘I’m like what up stove?'” should be taken seriously in the government realm, but outside of his job as a rapper, 2Chainz ain’t no fool.

Here are 5 reasons that 2Chainz should run for mayor in College Park:

1. He can get the younger votes.

This is 2Chainz we’re talking about. He has millions of fans, he’s sold out arenas, he’s claimed man’s most common words (truuu, yaaa), he rhymed “booty” with “booty” – dude is a superstar and the young crowd loves him. He’s much more relatable to the 18-25 age bracket than his competition, Jack Longino, who had no idea who 2Chainz was prior to his announcement to potentially run for mayor.

2. He’s got the funds.

Politics is an expensive game, but 2Chainz ain’t got no worries. His current net worth is $6 million and even if he needs more capitol, he’s definitely got the means to get it. He’s friends with Drake (net worth: $55 million), his boss is Kanye West (net worth: $130 million) and he has over three million fans who, I’m sure, wouldn’t at all hesitate to fund him – especially this guy.

3. He’s got some degree of political credibility.

See: Nancy Grace slaughter.

4. He would be a realistic representative of College Park

College Park is made up of 14 thousand people, 80 percent of which are black. Longino, who is white, has held the position for nearly 20 years. In recent years, especially due to racial injustice and unrest, people are ready for a change. Young people (and society in general) are ready for someone who looks like them and who faces the same adversities as them to represent them.

5. Even if he lost, it would still be a win. 

Obviously winning is the objective, but a loss would still result in making local politics more prevalent and important to younger generations. Recently millennials (I hate that term but FTW) have been more vocal about wanting a voice (protest, marches, social media) but we still haven’t been hitting the polls like we should. 2Chainz running for mayor can impact change.

So, basically…#2Chainz4Prez



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