Watch These Guys Attend a Trump Rally to be Greeted With “This is Our Time. We Didn’t Invite You.”

Donald J. Trump’s name has been both exalted and dragged through the mud. In popular culture today, it’s tough to think of anyone more polarizing. Personally, it has been hard to gauge how the election year will pan out because everything in politics recently seems so binary, which can be problematic. However, being a minority millennial, I am not exactly who Trump is speaking for or to; still, the responsible American thing to do in any election is to take initiative and try to understand who it is that is gunning for these positions of power and where they stand on issues that matter to us.

That’s exactly what DayswithClint set out to do. As another minority millennial, he must’ve had his own opinions about Trump; but instead of being ignorant to the matter, taking media’s stance as a given, he and his colleagues went to a Trump rally being held in Madison County, Alabama to see what the man had to say to his constituents.

This is where I will get less objective.

Clint and his colleagues didn’t go into this rally with an agenda of protesting, but after hearing the poisonous rhetoric being spewed from Trump’s lips to a crowd that not only accepted that rhetoric as undeniable truth, but also gave that poison the active ingredient of support for it be as venomous as it is, I absolutely can not blame them for becoming protestors in that moment.

They became victims of hate and racism as the day went on, and ultimately left stronger than when they went in. Their reaction was admirable in the face of this adversity; please watch the video above to watch it all unfold.


Acting accordingly, just not according to you.

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