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Watch This: “The Diaspora Journal” of Ethiopia | Trailer

“To Americans, I wasn’t American enough. To Africans, I wasn’t African enough.” -Nathan Araya

There is a reason why the hyphen exist. Identity is fluid–every attempt to define oneself in a foreign space garners an overwhelming amount of introspection. OogeeWoogee’s “Diaspora Through Dining,” a Haitian/Korean series, discussed the ongoing process of assimilation into that foreign space. And now, “The Diaspora Journal,” a documentary by Nathan Araya, seeks to connect the diasporic struggle through an Ethiopian-American lens.

Nathan Araya explains the gist of his documentary in a quick synopsis:

“The Diaspora Journal is a film and campaign to connect the world to the African Diaspora culture. Immerse into the life of an Ethiopian Diaspora through the journey of Nate as a filmmaker. From giving free taxi rides as a taxi cab’s assistant to shining shoes in the streets of one of the fastest growing economic cities in the world, The Diaspora Journal reveals a young man experiencing a day in the life of locals in Addis Ababa while discovering identity, freedom and hope.”

The browning of America has certainly sparked much needed debate about racial representation. Identity politics will take the center stage for a while. And the more America continues to change, the more these multi-layered stories will dominate the narrative.



article by Wilkine Brutus


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